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performance within structure

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watch live performance here

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fero is a vocal performance of 3 characters who clash within the restraining boundaries of a structure. 

Conducted by a musical and geometric script, created by the artistic director Luca Burkhalter, the 3 performers improvise along their characters` evolution, willing to uphold and sustain themselves within the given space. Torn by confidence and uncertainty in the exploration of their surrounding and the urge to merge into a collective sound, an audiovisual experience for the audience and camera emerges.

From arrhythmic and stuttering beats to melodic chants and reverberating harmonies - it`s the constant struggle driven by self-doubt and assurance, failure and progress within a given structure that make this unpredictable performance come alive.


The video is produced in Göschenen Switzerland, a small but important village in the center of the Swiss Alps. As it continues to host workers from all over the globe, building the infrastructure of the Gotthard Tunnels, Göschenen itself is confronted with the everchanging evolution of one of the most important transalpine north-south axis of Europe.

fero is a collaborative project under the artistic and conceptual direction of Luca Burkhalter

The performers are Andrina Bollinger, Anna Hirsch, Luca Koch. The video is shot and edited by Claude Gabriel

The fotos are taken by Paul Märki.

The video is shot at Kunsthalle Göschenen, built by atelierburkhaltersumi and enabled by Christoph Hürlimann. 


fero was released at Pavillon Le Corbusier Zürich

on 28th sept 2023

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lat. (me) fero

I carry (myself ) / I uphold / I sustain / I get involved

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